The Açai Berry was the first superfood that obtained fame across the world. The berries were featured in magazines, tv and took over the health world. But after 3 years of presence of these berries, can we say the berry was truly a success because of its healthy characteristics or was it just a myth? History The upsurge of the berry began when Dr Oz. introduced the supplement in the Oprah Winfrey show. Dr Oz stated that the berry is ideal to speed up the slimming process. After the show, the demand for the berries quadrupled in the United States. The main problem with AcaiRead More →

One of the most misleading and faulty things I observed in my path to a fit body is that of the hyper promoted ‘ get slim in 2 weeks’ type of diets. You see these sort of claims almost everywhere, from the magazines to billboards along the highway. There is huge demand for these type of diets, because it gives what people want: The hope of getting slim with no effort in short time. I will discuss in the following why these diets rarely work and what you could best do instead. The Magic Pill People like the idea of buying a a product orRead More →

First of all, like emphasized in other articles on Powers From Nature about nutrition and school results: Supplements don’t allow you to be lazy. You still have to study hard! However sound nutrition can help you last longer, learn faster and memorize better. Second: recall the Pareto Law. This principle can also be applicated to learning exams. Most teachers always ask the same things. At my university, the professors always use the powerpoint slides of the lectures for like 80% of the questions. Learning the slides would take not more than a few hours, whereas memorizing the book will take a week or longer dependingRead More →