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One of the most misleading and faulty things I observed in my path to a fit body is that of the hyper promoted ‘ get slim in 2 weeks’ type of diets. You see these sort of claims almost everywhere, from the magazines to billboards along the highway. There is huge demand for these type of diets, because it gives what people want: The hope of getting slim with no effort in short time. I will discuss in the following why these diets rarely work and what you could best do instead.

The Magic Pill

People like the idea of buying a a product or book that promises them to get slim, fit or healthy within a few weeks. This is based on the so called magic pill mentality. People don’t want to undergo the process of adopting a more healthy lifestyle and want succes right now without any effort. Needless to say this is quite impossible unless you have superior genes. I will bold this sentence to make it extra clear:

In order to get slim, healthy and fit, you will have to adopt your lifestyle and change your habits forever, no slimming pills or book will do it for you!

This really sounds harder than it is. You just have to change your habits on a daily basis. You don’t have to immediately start to run, marathons, eat only broccoli or workout all day in the gym. Take one step at a time. For example start with implementing 30 minutes of walking a day. You can expand this later on. The same goes for your diet and eating habits. Start replacing the french fries with goji berries.


Adaptation of the body

This will work because your body will slowly grow accustomed to your new eating habits. After a while your body will crave for healthy foods like pomegranate juice and Acai Berries instead of pizza and cola. This is very hard to believe, especially if you are stuck in the unhealthy lifestyle of fastfood right now. It takes some discipline in the beginning, but you will be able to persist bad foods effortlessly after a month or two. You just have to stick to your new habits and persist although the temptation of McDonald’s will be unbearably in the beginning. To get more easy through this process, check out my post about mental techniques here, this has aided me the most in transferring to my new healthy lifestyle, and it will guide you too.

A Lifestyle

It remains that you will have to stick to this new way of living. It makes no sense to do this for a while and then return to the old unhealthy lifestyle, it just doesn’t work this way.  If you really stick to it, you don’t even want to return to the old junkfood way of living.  This is why 95% of diets will not work. It will get you slim of course, but this is only short term thinking. The pounds will be back before you know it. There is one diet Powers From Nature recommends though and that is the Paleo Diet. This diet is unlike the other ones and will not try to buy you obscure and expensive slimming pills, however, it will make your eating habits more healthy and you will become more energized too! However the Paleo Diet is not per se necessary to live a more healthy lifestyle. But we do recommend to start implementing new healthy habits on a daily basis right now!