The Four Hour Body Review

The Açai Berry was the first superfood that obtained fame across the world. The berries were featured in magazines, tv and took over the health world. But after 3 years of presence of these berries, can we say the berry was truly a success because of its healthy characteristics or was it just a myth?


The upsurge of the berry began when Dr Oz. introduced the supplement in the Oprah Winfrey show. Dr Oz stated that the berry is ideal to speed up the slimming process. After the show, the demand for the berries quadrupled in the United States. The main problem with Acai Berries in the past was that when they were harvested they would quickly (after a few hours) rot, and because of this not suitable for export. Since the production techniques improved and the preservability of the berry was increased, it became possible to ship it from Brazil to all over the world.


  1. After cocoa, Acai berries are the greatest source of antioxidants.
  2. Contains lots of vitamines. For example: Vitamine E and A but also calcium and omega 3.
  3. Helps in burning fat.

It has to be noted however that burning fat in combination with eating Acai Berries will only work if you work out and improve your overall nutrition lifestyle. However if you already succeed in working out regularly, then the Acai berry will accelerate the process even more!

Acai Berry Diet

You can consume Acai Berries in three different ways:

  • Fresh.
  • Acai Berry juice.
  • Capsules.

It has to be noted though, that Acai berries and the juice made of them are still a bit expensive, because they are hard to produce and ship to Europe and the United States without rotting. Therefore we recommend to take a capsule daily to profit from the healthy characteristics of this berry without having to be broke all the time.


The Açai Berry was first introdued by the Oprah Winfrey Show and subsequently took over the world. However these wonderful berries are no quick fix method or magic pill that will drop weight instantly. But if you already live a more healthy life, eating acai berries will get you even faster to your ideal weight and body!